Creating digital products and experiences.  

I'm Mustafa Malik a Strategic, innovative, and results-oriented designer with 1-2 years of demonstrated experience, with a Master’s in User Experience Design (MSc). My focus and competencies include solving complex business and user problems through creating high industry-leading, innovative desktop, and mobile applications.


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Design Process

How I work

Reach your business goals with a great user interface and experience 


Before jumping into the product design, I will carry out research which would be slipt into two parts: define the problem and user research. This stage includes market research, competitive analyses, user persona, user stories, user journey and etc.


Bring the design to life, once I have completed the UI design I would then develop a high fidelity prototype. Throughout the development stage, regular user testing would be carried out. I collaborate with developers up until the finishing line and beyond to ensure the development requirement is met.


With the data gathered from the research phase, I would start sketching out designs. Once I have completed the sketches I will convert this into Wireframes. Finally, the sketches and wireframe would transition into the final design. 


After the approval of the development, I am happy to carry out user testing with your customer to ensure the best possible solutions for their needs. Based on the data received I will iteratively improve the product. 

Recent Work

Untitled design.png

NEXTA Banking wallet app


The NEXTA banking wallet is designed to simplify the transactions of money in Egypt. You are easily able to manage your income and spend in a fast, safe and secure way.

My Role

User Research

Writing up user stories on JIRA

User Interface, (using Figma)

Low and High-Fidelity Prototype

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 00.10.08.png


A booking service created for the motor industry to help users to schedule

appointment from a variety of different services that are available based on the user's location.

My Role

User Interface,

User Research Personas, Competitor analysis, User flows, Wireframes, Low and High-Fidelity Prototype

Full@3x copy 2.PNG

Gym Social

Gym Social - An all-new fitness social media application. Designed to bring the online community together to share fitness routines and to upload progression images/videos.

My Role

User Interface,

Fonts and colour scheme.

Low and High-Fidelity Prototype

I can help with:

  • User interface and experience design 

  • User Interview 

  • Usability audit and user testing 

  • Low and high-fidelity prototype

  • Customer journey mapping 

  • Persona 

  • User research 

  • Wireframe 

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